Anindya Dutta

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft

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Master of Science, Computer Science

University of Southern California

B.E., Computer Science and Engineering

Manipal University


Facebook Search

FB SDK on Android

Search for users, pages, places and content using the FB SDK for Android. Save favorite people and events.

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Online Market

Zappos API on Android

Search for items, add to cart, compare discounts and almost shop with Zappos!

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Cancer Social App

Android Social Network

One-on-one chats, group discussions and forums for people afflicted with cancer.


Responsive Web Design

FB SDK with Angular and Bootstrap

Perform Graph API calls and display data asynchronously to users about places, events, locations. Save favorites.


Sentiment Analysis

Multi-class classification using NLTK

Use a combination of unsupervised and supervised algorithms to classify novels into different emotions.

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Mini Search Engine

Indexing and Searching a web site

Created a link extractor, page-rank calculator, Tika parser and website to search a set of pages indexed with Solr.

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